Is it true that the quail is a relative of domestic chicken?

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This agile bird is still & nbsp; found in the & nbsp; wild nature of Europe, it is widespread and & nbsp; in & nbsp; Russia.

Quails belong to the & nbsp; order of chicken, therefore they are & nbsp; related to & nbsp; hens and cockerels. Common quail and East Siberian quail live in our country. The latter adorns the nature of the Far East. It differs from & nbsp; common quail in smaller size, lighter color and & nbsp; song, reminiscent of the “ cricket of a grasshopper on a & nbsp; violin. '' … The head is distinguished by a darker shade, and long ocher stripes stretch along the back. On the abdomen, the plumage is light, slightly yellowish.

Colorful camouflage helps the bird to hide from enemies: against the background of withered grass or beige and brown bark of trees, the quail becomes almost invisible to predators. This medium-sized bird can become prey for fox, ermine, ferret. It is also hunted by falcons, hawks, owls and & nbsp; eagles. And & nbsp; even a hamster, a toothed rodent, often goes to quail's nests to feast on a dietary testicle.

The basis of the wild quail's food base is insects, small reptiles, worms and & nbsp; other invertebrates, which this mobile bird searches for, actively raking the ground with its paws. The daily quail menu is complemented by crumbling seeds, young shoots and & nbsp; plant leaves.

Quails & nbsp; & ndash; migratory birds: at & nbsp; the end of April, they return from & nbsp; warm countries and & nbsp; take a fancy to places on & nbsp; grain and & nbsp; potato fields, dry meadows and & nbsp; in the steppes, making nests in & nbsp; dense thickets of grass. Interesting is the low soaring flight of quails, in which they cover short distances, and & nbsp; make sharp turns before landing.

In ancient times, quails served as an object of hunting. These birds were caught and & nbsp; kept as songbirds, and & nbsp; they were also forced to participate in & nbsp; quail fights. In & nbsp; our days, quails have long become poultry, they are raised on & nbsp; farms for meat and & nbsp; eggs.


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