Peskov named the topics of a possible online meeting between Putin and Biden

Peskov admitted that contacts between the leaders of Russia and the United States are possible by video link before the new year. Putin and Biden will discuss the situation in Ukraine and relations with NATO

Vladimir Putin

The situation in Ukraine and relations with NATO will be the topics of the next meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US leader Joe Biden. This was announced by the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov on the air of Channel One.

“ Naturally, Ukraine '' a lot of controversy around Ukraine. Naturally, around Ukraine there will also be what for us is provocative actions of the NATO armed forces near our borders, which cannot leave us indifferent, '', & mdash; Peskov emphasized (quoted from RIA Novosti).

He admitted that the talks between the heads of state could take place online by the end of the year, but there are no specific dates for communication yet. According to Peskov, the meeting could take place later & mdash; depending on the presidents' schedules and the format they choose.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev also noted that new talks between Putin and Biden could take place this year. “ Themes will be agreed. Contacts, I think, will not be delayed '', & mdash; he answered on the air of Channel One; (quoted by Interfax).

Earlier sources of Kommersant reported that the presidents could negotiate online, but also admitted that Putin and Biden could meet in person early next year. The interlocutors of the publication stressed that the schedule of their contacts is preliminary and that the details have not been fully agreed upon.

The first meeting between Biden and Putin took place on June 16 at the Villa La Grange in Geneva. After the talks, they held separate press conferences.

Following the talks, a joint statement was adopted on strategic arms control. In addition, they agreed to return the Russian and American ambassadors to Washington and Moscow.

According to Biden, the meeting was “ good and positive '', and Putin “ least of all wants a cold war. '' It will be possible to judge whether the presidents managed to agree on anything in six months, when it becomes clear whether the parties made a decision or not, the American leader said.

Putin, in turn, said that relations between the countries had accumulated “; a lot of blockages, '' but the parties are determined to find solutions. He also noted that there was no hostility in the negotiations. “ There was no pressure from both sides. The meeting was specific, substantive & raquo;, & mdash; said the Russian president.

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