Poland named the goals of Russia in the event of a clash with Ukraine

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In the event of an armed clash with Ukraine & nbsp; Russia will try to unite the DPR and LPR with Crimea. Polish military analyst Juliusz Sabak wrote about this in an article for Defense 24.

According to the expert, Moscow needs to establish control over the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. In particular, the seizure of the port, which Mariupol stands for, is important. & Nbsp; The analyst is confident that such an operation will threaten important Ukrainian facilities. These are industrial enterprises and a power plant in Zaporozhye or in the Kherson region.

Thus, a serious blow will be dealt to the economic and military potential of Kiev. The Ukrainian authorities will have difficulties with shipping. As a result, Poland is interested in “ strengthening the position of Ukraine. ''

Earlier, another military expert Daniel Davis, in an article on the 19Fortyfive portal, also speculated about whether the United States and NATO as a whole are ready for nuclear strikes in the event of a conflict with Russia because of Ukraine. In his opinion, if they “rely on realism and logic in their policies,” then no.

At the same time, if important political figures are influenced by emotions, the risk of such a war will increase. As a result, the conflict could get out of control & nbsp; and lead to an exchange of nuclear strikes.

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