The Checkmate tactical aircraft is capable of fighting any threat on the battlefield

The newest fighter & nbsp; Checkmate, developed by the United Aircraft Corporation, part of & nbsp; Rostec, is designed to defeat any targets on the battlefield, TASS reports with reference to the company. & nbsp;

It is clarified that & nbsp; Checkmate & nbsp; is equipped with a multidisciplinary set of weapons and includes all the most advanced developments, including an open architecture of construction and unique artificial intelligence technologies. In addition, the aircraft is made using stealth technologies. & Nbsp;

According to the chief designer of the aircraft Mikhail Strelets, the joint use of the Checkmate fighter, the Su-57 fighter and unmanned aerial vehicles will allow achieving maximum combat potential at minimum operating costs . & nbsp;

The main sales markets will be the countries of Africa, India and Vietnam, & nbsp; but the Russian Aerospace Forces will also purchase a certain amount of these aircraft.

Earlier & nbsp; the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov & nbsp; said, that Russia will independently finance the creation of the Checkmate aircraft. Earlier, he & nbsp; said that the newest Russian fighter would be ready within four years. & Nbsp; It is planned to unify the aircraft as much as possible with the Su-57 in order to reduce the cost of the project.


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