The Kremlin considers the US proposal not to recognize Putin as ridiculous and aggressive

Vladimir Putin

US Congressmen are leading a` `fairly unprecedented '' legislative activity that does not fit into the framework of modern international relations, said the press secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov, RBC correspondent reports. He commented on a draft resolution in which the US Congress is asked not to recognize Vladimir Putin as President of Russia if he stands for the next presidential election after the end of his term in 2024.

“ Every time it seems to us that nothing more ridiculous, nothing more aggressive, unfriendly and unconstructive from the other side of the ocean can no longer come. And every time we are wrong. Comes unfortunately & raquo;, & mdash; Peskov said in this regard.

This is a demonstration that the United States is interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, he continued. “ We consider such initiatives of congressmen unacceptable, we consider it interference in our affairs and are convinced that only Russians can determine who and when should be president of the Russian Federation. No other country in the world, parliamentarians of any other country in the world can claim this, '', & mdash; he emphasized.

Peskov added that the State Duma deputies will not leave this proposal without a reaction.

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