Urgant ridiculed Rashkin’s confession of poaching: the elk is “to blame”

The presenter believes that the deputy is worthy of the Nobel Prize

TV presenter Ivan Urgant in his program joked about the recognition of the State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Valery Rashkin, who announced on the eve that he had really shot a moose in the Saratov region .

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

found the carcass of a dead elk. And in his confession, the parliamentarian said that he confused the animal with a wild boar.

“Because the moose is to blame, there was no need to stand and sing Hakuna Matata. Anyone would be confused. You know how they watch The Lion King in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, “said Urgant, addressing co-host Dmitry Khrustalev.

The host joked about the video itself, in which Rashkin confesses to poaching.

“This is classic Russian literature. This is Turgenev, this is almost Paustovsky, “the presenter said, expressing regret that another person had already received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

At the end of October, the car in which Rashkin was in was stopped in the Saratov region by the police and an employee of the hunting committee. A cut moose carcass was found in the trunk of the car.

Initially, the deputy claimed that he had accidentally found the carcass in the forest and was going to take the moose to law enforcement agencies. However, the other day he released a video in which he said that he confused an elk with a wild boar.

Earlier it became known that the Duma had submitted a proposal to deprive Rashkin of his parliamentary immunity. Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov made a corresponding petition.

Rashkin recorded a video message about the scandalous hunt: “The body of an elk is lying down”

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