Abramchenko proposed to extend fertilizer export quotas until July 2023

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, in the “current economic situation” it is necessary, first of all, to satisfy the needs of our own farmers

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko proposed to extend the quotas for the export of mineral fertilizers from Russia until July 1 2023, the press service of the politician told TASS.

“Abramchenko supports <…> quotas for the export of mineral fertilizers. Taking into account the current economic situation, the needs of farmers for fertilizers to fulfill the strategically important task of increasing agricultural production, the Deputy Prime Minister considers it possible to extend the regime for winter and spring sowing of the next agricultural year,— The report said.

In addition, the Russian authorities are discussing the extension of the domestic price fixing regime for mineral fertilizers in Russia until the end of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade told TASS. In turn, Abramchenko considers it possible to extend the “freeze” for domestic prices also until July 2023.

On April 17, the Russian Cabinet of Ministers established new export rules for Russian producers of mineral fertilizers, increasing quotas by 700 thousand tons. Thus, nitrogen fertilizers were allowed to export about 5.7 million tons, and the export quota for complex fertilizers will be about 5.6 million tons. ;The decision will be valid until May 31, 2022 inclusive”,— clarified by the government.

In early March, the Ministry of Industry and Trade warned of the risk of a collapse in the global fertilizer market due to problems with the supply of Russian goods to foreign countries. Because of this, the likelihood of crop failure and, consequently, food shortages in the world will increase, the ministry said. Minister Denis Manturov recalled that Russia— one of the world's leading suppliers of mineral fertilizers. Due to the lack of guarantees from foreign logistics operators for deliveries abroad, the agency recommended that manufacturers suspend the shipment of products for export until carriers resume normal operation.

Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev said on March 21 that Russian fertilizer producers need to conclude agreements with the government to contain prices. According to him, the volume of Russian production now makes it possible to fully satisfy the needs of agriculture, in some cases there is even an opportunity to reduce prices.

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