Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Evmenov met with the crew of the cruiser Moskva

Photo: Frame from video

In Sevastopol, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, as well as the command of the Black Sea Fleet, met with the crew of the missile cruiser " Moscow".

During the meeting, Evmenov told the ship's crew that the officers, midshipmen, and sailors would continue to serve in the Navy. In addition, the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy stressed that the traditions of the Guards missile cruiser Moskva will be carefully preserved and continued in the same way as it has always been accepted in the Navy.

The faces of the sailors of the sunken cruiser “Moskva”: footage from Sevastopol

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Earlier, a farewell ceremony for the cruiser took place in Sevastopol. The crew of “Moscow” delivered to the city on April 15.

On the night of Thursday, the Ministry of Defense reported that the missile cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet “Moskva” a fire broke out, due to which the ammunition detonated. The crew members were not injured, as they were evacuated on time to ships nearby.

The Russian military department also assured that the main missile armament of the cruiser was not damaged. Later, the Ministry of Defense reported that the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet sank while being towed to the port due to loss of stability in storm conditions. 


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