Lithuania promised to let stuck trucks from Russia and Belarus through

Lithuania has extended the departure time for trucks from Russia and Belarus that do not have time to leave the country until April 16. Previously, the FT reported queues of trucks at the Belarusian-Polish border =”Lithuania promised to let stuck trucks from Russia and Belarus through” />

Lithuanian authorities will let trucks from Russia and Belarus stuck due to queues through the border, despite the entry into force of the requirement to ban their presence on the territory of the European Union from 16 April. This was announced by Vygantas Paigozinas, Deputy Director of the Lithuanian Customs Department, on LRT radio.

The website of the Lithuanian Customs says that freight vehicles registered in Russia and Belarus will be able to leave the EU after this date, since the deadline waiting is independent of the carrier.

Trucks that queue up later than the deadline will not be allowed to leave, they will be sent to logistics centers or terminals for reloading. “Carriers will be able to take measures to resolve the current situation: unload the goods, transfer the goods to another carrier that has not fallen under sanctions, and so on,” —

Empty trucks will still be able to freely cross the Lithuanian border with Russia and Belarus, Customs added.

In early April, the European Union agreed on the fifth package of sanctions against Russia. The document, among other things, states that trucks from Russia and Belarus must leave the territory of the association by April 16. According to the Federal Customs Service (FTS) of Russia, European countries have been refusing to allow trucks from Russia and Belarus to pass since April 8, citing new sanctions. So far, the restriction has not affected the transportation of medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural products, as well as the delivery of energy carriers, non-ferrous metals and fertilizers.

The day before, the FT reported that the day before the ban on trucks from Russia and Belarus came into force, long queues of trucks formed at the Polish-Belarusian border, they had to wait from three to ten days to leave Polish territory.

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