Medvedchuk’s wife in an address to Putin announced her husband’s consent to the exchange

Marchenko called on Putin to help free her husband and thousands more “prisoners of the SBU.” She stated that she did not believe in the possibility of a fair trial of Medvedchuk in Ukraine jpg” alt=”Medvedchuk's wife, in an address to Putin, announced her husband's consent to the exchange” />

Oksana Marchenko

The wife of the people's deputy of Ukraine, head of the political council of the Opposition Platform— For life» Viktor Medvedchuk, TV presenter Oksana Marchenko recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Viktor Medvedchuk gave his consent to his exchange and extradition to the territory of the Russian Federation in the event that the Russian and Ukrainian sides reach relevant agreements,” — she declared. “Judgment” over Medvedchuk, she called “a vivid example of unlawful reprisals against an objectionable politician.” Marchenko said she did not believe in the possibility of a fair trial involving Medvedchuk and asked Putin for help.

She recalled her appeal to the relatives of two British citizens who, according to her, were captured by the military of Russia and the DPR. She urged the British to approach UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson “with a request to initiate an exchange.”

Marchenko also asked Putin to “make every possible effort” to free “thousands of prisoners” ;, who are now “languishing in the dungeons of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). “People are taken away only because they express their position, tell the truth,” — she said.


The Ukrainian authorities announced the detention of Medvedchuk on April 12. After that, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky offered Russia to exchange the politician for captured Ukrainians. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in response that the deputy is not a Russian citizen and has nothing to do with the military operation in Ukraine. On April 16, Zelensky again announced his readiness to exchange Medvedchuk for the Ukrainian military “or what Russia can offer.”

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Medvedchuk— Putin's godfather, the Russian president is the godfather of the Ukrainian politician's daughter. In his homeland, Medvedchuk is accused of committing several crimes; under the article on treason, he faces a life sentence. Since May 2021, he has been under house arrest, but in February 2022, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine announced his escape. According to Zelensky, he planned to leave the country. On April 16, the court arrested the politician without the possibility of bail.

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