Political scientist explained why Russia does not need a truce with Ukraine

Only the “obscene peace” party is interested in it

On April 19, UN Secretary General António Guterres and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz proposed a four-day “Easter truce” between Russia and Ukraine . Russian politicians have criticized the idea of ​​the West, while domestic experts believe that this is a ploy to help the Ukrainian side.

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In an interview with REGNUM news agency, a member of the Presidential Council on Interethnic Relations, political scientist Bohdan Bezpalko said that no ceasefire proposals can be trusted, especially if they come from the Ukrainian side or it agrees with them. According to the expert, over the past eight years there have already been many truces, but “all of them were violated by Ukraine.”

The political scientist noted that neither the RF Armed Forces, nor the residents of Donbass, nor the domestic expert community believe in the sincerity of the intentions of the Ukrainian sides. For example, on April 20, a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that Russia had not trusted the Ukrainian negotiators for a long time, but the negotiations themselves were ongoing.

Bezpalko believes that at the moment Ukraine really needs to get an operational respite, to tighten up their reserves, to rotate personnel, as well as to increase the supply of weapons from Western countries and stocks of ammunition and fuel.

According to the political scientist, in Russia only the party of the “obscene world”, which is part of the Russian elites. Bezpalko believes that these people, however, are not interested in Russia's victory in Ukraine either.

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