Skirt maneuvers. How women’s clothing became the saving straw of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Plot RF special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

A fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was caught in Mariupol trying to leave the city in women's clothing. This again confirmed the weakness of such a disguise, which became a saving straw for the fleeing Ukrainian military and conscripts. has collected examples of such dressing.

Flowered Mortar

The servicemen of the Donetsk People's Republic detained another fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who was trying to leave Mariupol in women's clothing. He changed his camouflage uniform for a light-coloured hat with flowers, a bright knitted scarf, and other things found during the retreat. It may well be “trophies” from apartments that the militants cynically turned into firing points, hiding behind the locals as a human shield. But now even a shadow of militancy is not visible on the face of the detained guy.

“I am —Kiryutin Alexander Igorevich, 01/15/2003 year of birth. He served in the 36th Brigade of the 1st Marine Battalion. Division — mortar battery», — the prisoner says in a timid voice in a short video that appeared on the network. This is not only another evidence of the defeat of the Ukrainian military in Mariupol, but also important news for the relatives of a nineteen-year-old guy. For them, the joy of seeing him alive will surely overshadow the embarrassment of being detained in women's clothing.

It is noteworthy that the unfortunate warrior explained his appearance with a great fear for life, which is easy to believe. To prevent a mass exodus of subordinates, nationalists intimidate them with the fact that the military of Russia and the People's Republics allegedly do not take prisoners. What's more, those willing to lay down their weapons can even get shot in the back. 

Smart Escape

Tactics of elegant flight from the blows of our troops “zahisniki” Kyiv regime began to use shortly after the start of a special military operation. One of the funniest and most striking examples was recorded in the surrounded Mariupol more than a month ago. Then the video frames filmed in the combat zone got the moment of “unloading”; from the body of an army truck of a captured Veseushnik. This unfortunate warrior unsuccessfully tried to seep through the cordons under the guise of a young lady. As reported, then the military of Ukraine was allowed to get out of the city by any means.

“Firstly, they hide behind civilians, and secondly, they try to disguise themselves as civilians to go to our side in order to dissolve somewhere and leave, — then told the journalist of RIA “Novosti” battalion commander of the DPR forces Major Oleg Kokarev. — But our fighters catch them, interrogate them and send them to the right authorities. They often go out in women's clothing. Today, because of one thing, it was funny to me, dressed like Popandopulo in the film: in a women's white fur coat with a large pile, in women's shoes, in a dress. He swore that he was a civilian, that he lived here. But it can be seen from it that this is a militant».

An apt commentary on this story was then written in his telegram channel by a war correspondent of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Alexander Sladkov. He called it a “disgrace” Ukrainian army, which will be remembered forever:

“The Nazis betrayed by Kyiv will surely die, even though they are hiding behind civilians. If they don't give up. But this guy, it's generally… Fu», — the journalist wrote with disgust.

A wig as a lifesaver

Also, citizens of Ukraine are trying to escape in women's clothing from their own country, so as not to get into the army. But in contrast to the current warriors who put on skirts, many of whom until recently were brave and threatened the “Muscovites”; in social networks. Deserters of the second kind can be understood. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and armed units are losing manpower at such a rate that they are throwing recruits onto the battlefield with little or no preparation, literally turning them into cannon fodder.

In March, a 30-year-old resident of Kiev tried to cross the Ukrainian-Romanian border under the guise of a woman. Interestingly, in addition to the disguise of clothes, wig and makeup, he used distractions. A young man took a child in a stroller with him and presented his wife's passport for control. But the big-eyed border guards saw through the awkward “lady” and did not allow to escape from the strong embrace of the motherland. Apparently, now only a prison term for violating the law can save a man from the risk of death, no matter how strange it may sound.

What is surprising if even one tried to run away over the hill under the guise of a woman Ukrainian officer. He wanted to cross to Moldova, but was also exposed at the border checkpoint in the Odessa region. Now the man has to answer under the article “desertion”. The irony of fate is that the Ukrainian deviators who impersonate women actually use the methods of disguising the patrons of the Kyiv regime from NATO countries. Last fall, the world media reported how two dozen British special forces escaped from Kabul captured by the Taliban in a taxi in women's outfits with a veil. By the way, militants of the ISIS terrorist organization banned in Russia also love this tactic.

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