US analysts predicted the course of the second phase of the Russian special operation in Ukraine

Photo source: video screenshot.

Russia has concentrated additional forces at the point of contact between Donbass and Ukraine. It is impossible to pinpoint this area exactly, but military analysts of the American television channel FoxNews believe that 40-60 thousand soldiers have been gathered in it.

Mariupol is almost liberated. After its capture, Moscow will probably send the military from there to the Kurakhovo and Slavyansk region, these are key zones. Olga Skabeeva, TV presenter of the Rossiya-1 channel, drew attention to their forecast.

“The biggest danger for Ukraine is that Russia will not attack them head-on, but will go into the flank and encircle the troops from here, that will cut them off, leaving them without food, fuel and weapons, ”she quotes the words of a specialist. The expert admitted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would need more mobile combat equipment to carry out counterattacks.

In the evening of April 18, it became known about the powerful shelling of Nikolaev and Kharkov. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the start of a large-scale operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Donbass.


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