Musk called the Democrats a “party of division and hatred”

Musk promised to continue to vote for the Republican Party of the United States, and not for the Democratic, as it has become “a party of division and hatred.” He saw the risk of “political attacks” on himself in the near future and criticized Biden jpg” alt=”Musk called the Democrats “a party of division and hatred”” />

Elon Musk

The US Democratic Party used to be mostly a “kindness party”, but now they have changed and become a “split and hate party”, Tesla and SpaceX Founder Elon Musk said on Twitter.

“I can no longer support them and will vote Republican,”— Musk emphasized.

The Tesla founder also called for watching their “dirty tricks campaign” unfold. against him. According to Musk, “political attacks” it will sharply escalate in the coming months.

Musk did not specify the reasons for changing his mind, but on Monday, May 16, he criticized US President Joe Biden, who is a member of the Democratic Party, on the air of the All-In Summit podcast. The businessman compared him to the main character in the comedy film Anchorman. (2004), according to its plot, the news anchor on the TV channel will read any phrase written on the teleprompter, writes The New York Post.

«The Real President— this is the one who controls the teleprompter. <…> path to power— this is the way to the teleprompter, — Musk said.

The businessman added that there were a large number of people in the administration of former US President Donald Trump who “achieved effectively” and the Democratic Party “is excessively controlled by labor unions and trial lawyers, especially class action lawyers,” which is why they act against the interests of the Americans.

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At the same time, according to Musk, members of the Republican Party act in this way on the basis of “corporate evil and religious bigotry.” White House policies have led to runaway inflation, he added, agreeing with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

“I mean, the obvious cause of inflation is that the government printed a million more money than he had, — Musk emphasized.

Bezos announced high inflation in the US on May 17. He expressed confidence that the American authorities are trying to “blur” the issue of high inflation in the country. They know that inflation hits the most needy the most. “It's not unions or rich people that cause inflation,” — Bezos emphasized.

Annual inflation in the United States at the beginning of this year rose to 7.5%, setting a record high in 40 years. In March, the rate of price growth in the US again broke the record, increasing to 8.5%, but fell in April to 8.3%. According to the US Bureau of Statistics, the increase in prices for goods and services, excluding food and energy (core inflation), amounted to 6.2%.

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