Trump said about the strengthening of the ruble due to rising oil prices

According to him, Russia earns a “state” in the face of rising oil prices. To stop the conflict in Ukraine, Trump suggested, it is necessary to reduce the price of oil to $30-40 per barrel

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump said that the ruble strengthened “to a historic high” amid rising oil prices. He said this during a speech at a rally in Wyoming.

“Look at their currency” She is at an all-time high. Because the price of oil is rising to unprecedented levels before,— Trump explained, adding that Russia is making a “fortune” on the sale of oil at increased prices.

In his opinion, in order to stop the conflict in Ukraine, it is necessary to reduce the price of oil to $30-40 per barrel.

Earlier, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, explained the impossibility of introducing a complete and immediate ban on the purchase of Russian oil by the fact that Moscow could win more by reorienting to other markets. In the event of an immediate embargo, she said, President Vladimir Putin could “dump the oil he won't sell to the EU to the world market,” after which prices would rise and Russia would make more profit than it would with the EU. “It will fill his military treasury,” — von der Leyen claimed.

Oil prices rose sharply after the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine amid the imposition of Western sanctions. Then quotes in the moment exceeded $120 per barrel. Analysts argued that fears of a reduction in supplies from Russia and expectations of new sanctions played a key role in the rise in oil prices.

Later, the price of oil rolled back to less than $100, but then began to grow again. On May 27, a barrel of oil traded above $118 for the first time since March 9. This was influenced by signs of a shortage of fuel supply in the US ahead of the summer driving season. According to the US Department of Energy, gasoline inventories in the country have fallen to their lowest seasonal level since 2014.

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The exchange rate of the dollar and the euro also reacted sharply to the beginning of the military operation: the value of the dollar exceeded 120 rubles, the euro— 132 rub. However, against the backdrop of measures introduced by the government, the ruble began to strengthen up to the values ​​of 2015. On May 25, the dollar exchange rate was 55.8 rubles, the euro— a little less than 58 rubles. Later, however, the dollar rose to 67 rubles, the euro— up to 70 rubles

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