Foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of Sri Lanka due to the detention of the Russian Airbus

The Aeroflot plane was detained at the request of a leasing company from Ireland, later the court arrested it .jpg” alt=”The Foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of Sri Lanka because of the detention of the Russian Airbus” />

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of Sri Lanka Janita Abeivikrema Liyanaga in connection with the detention of the Airbus A330-aircraft by the court in Colombo 343 of the Aeroflot airline, according to the website of the Foreign Ministry.

“The head of the diplomatic mission was protested in connection with the unfounded decision of the judicial authorities of Sri Lanka to detain on June 2 at the Bandaranaike international airport a regular aircraft” Aeroflot», which was preparing to fly to Moscow»,— the report said.

The Foreign Ministry urged Sri Lanka to “resolve this issue as soon as possible in order to avoid its negative impact on traditionally friendly bilateral relations.”

The Federal Air Transport Agency is also involved in the settlement. The department told RBC that the head of the agency, Alexander Neradko, asked the aviation authorities of Sri Lanka to allow the ship with crew members to fly to Russia “as soon as possible and without any delay.”

Aircraft “Aeroflot” detained at the request of a leasing company from Ireland, Celestial Aviation Trading Limited. The Colombo High Commercial Court has banned the ship from leaving the country until June 16. The press service of “Aeroflot” RBC was told that the flight to Moscow was first delayed and then canceled “due to the lack of permission from the aviation authorities of Sri Lanka.” The plane was under arrest, a court hearing on the removal of which is scheduled for June 8. Flight passengers are accommodated in hotels in Sri Lanka.

The dispute between the lessor and Aeroflot is associated with EU sanctions against the Russian transport sector, which include a ban on the sale of aircraft, spare parts and equipment for them. Because of these restrictions, Russian airlines had to return the aircraft to lessors. Rosaviatsia recommended that air carriers not use leased aircraft for flights abroad. In March, Russia allowed to register such aircraft in the country for use on domestic flights.

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