In Kherson, a mother brought her son, a militant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to surrender to Russia

The mother of one of the conscripts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) Stanislav Kovalchuk, whose column was broken back in February, brought him surrender to the Russian military. She noted that this is the only way he can get security from the escaped commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“On the very first day of the special operation, no one needed him, the Ukrainian commanders. The commanders themselves ran away, and the children were simply left to die. They say that Russia is evil, but the real evil is when our children are told to die, not to surrender,” the mother of the conscript told the representative of the military-civilian administration of the region.

The mother also noted that this decision was made jointly with his son.

According to the serviceman himself, on his military card he has the specialty of a radiotelephone operator, but no one gave him knowledge in this direction. He noted that for a month and a half of training, where they were trained for service in the reconnaissance battalion of the Marine Corps, they “only built and cleaned, they did not teach anything military.”


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