The British queen was called “incredibly boring”, refusing to consider it an insult

Elizabeth II has been hailed as the best monarch in hundreds of years

Renowned historian Tom Holland called Queen Elizabeth II “incredibly boring.” At the same time, he described Her Majesty as the best of all British monarchs. And the historian ranked King Richard III among the worst.

Queen Elizabeth II became the best British monarch because she “incredibly boring,” declared one of the leading historians. According to the Daily Mail, although Tom Holland's assessment of the 96-year-old queen may seem unflattering, the historian explained that she is actually very smart, and the fact that she “never says anything interesting” turned out to be ” heroic.

The historian also said that people “will face a stunning turn in the fact that the past is gone” when Elizabeth II is no longer with us, and called her “the model of a constitutional monarch.”

Tomas Holland was asked to choose the best monarch since William the Conqueror.

Holland, who specializes in medieval history, said of the current queen of Great Britain: “She is incredibly boring. She never says anything interesting. We know that she is a very witty woman, very smart. Throughout her reign, she stubbornly displayed a truly heroic dullness.

His brother, James Holland, program director of the historical festival, added that the Queen had a high moral standard, unlike some of the people in leadership positions. positions.

Meanwhile, the historian called Richard III one of the worst monarchs, but said that King John almost surpassed him in pure villainy.

He also said it was “incredible” that there was a Richard III kindergarten in Leicester. It is widely believed that this monarch was responsible for the murders of his nephews Edward V, aged 12, and his brother Richard of Shrewsbury, aged 8, known as the “Princes in the Tower”. Tom Holland said he had no doubt that Richard III was responsible for the disappearance of these two boys.

Richard III, then Duke of Gloucester, was supposed to be their protector, but instead declared them illegitimate. The boys were last seen playing on the lawn in the Tower of London.

Tom Holland stated: “He was a terrible king. If he did his job, the Yorkist dynasty would be perfectly safe, but because he clings to the crown, he kills his nephews. He claimed that this undermined his legitimacy and caused even his own family to turn against him and side with the Tudors.


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