The expert revealed Zelensky’s deception with Ukrainian grain and mines near Odessa

Captain 1st rank explained who benefits from the situation with the port of Odessa.

A military expert, captain 1st rank in the reserve Vladimir Gundarov, in an interview with the media, explained that in the course of Russian-Turkish negotiations, Moscow and Ankara worked out a scheme for the export of Ukrainian grain from Odessa.

According to Bloomberg, Turkey offered Russia to clear the water area and ensure the safety of grain carriers, but Ukraine reacted to the initiative with skepticism.

Meanwhile, grain deliveries will be carried out under the auspices of the UN through the coordination center in Ankara.

As Gundarov explained in an interview with “MK”, according to the plan, Ukraine should clear all its points, then Ankara ships will come to the ports, on which grain will be loaded, and they will go to sea accompanied by Ukrainians.

After that, the ships will be given under the protection of the Russians, who will accompany the ships in the Black Sea.

However, according to the analyst, the mines in Odessa are beneficial to Zelensky, who declares the need for mining under the threat of capturing Odessa, and along the way, does not pay them for Western weapons. And indicates that there are Russian ships in the Black Sea, which “will start shelling”when the demining process begins.

The West also has its own benefit by accusing Russia of organizing world hunger. And the local authorities in Nikolaev and Odessa are using the dissatisfaction of the population with the lack of food and work to fuel anti-Russian sentiment.

“They say that she is to blame for everything – blocked the approaches from the sea, doesn't want to open humanitarian corridors, that's why you're starving here”, – Gundarov explained.

He suggested that it would be unprofitable for Russia to export grain, because subsequently it would have nothing to feed the Ukrainians themselves.

The expert explained how the export would be carried out under control Russian border guards. All ships will be searched to prevent the supply of weapons, so border boats will stand along the entire route, checks will be carried out both on the way to the port and in the opposite direction. Therefore, clearing the fairway will take about a week. In general, it is difficult to talk about the timing.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov critically assessed Western accusations of delaying grain in ports.

His sarcasm was caused by the conditions of Ukraine, which demanded the withdrawal Russian troops.


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