Kommersant learned the details of the case against ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Gurovich

Kommersant: the arrested ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations himself initiated an audit in his case The defense considers the initiation of a case unreasonable details of the case against the ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Gurovich” />

Andrey Gurovich

Arrested in the case of abuse of authority, the former deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Andrey Gurovich, himself initiated an audit in his case, informing the prosecutor's office about serious shortcomings in the construction of a mobile hospital, Kommersant reported citing sources.

According to the publication, it follows from the decision to initiate proceedings that in April 2020, the governor of the Murmansk region, Andrey Chibis, asked the government to deploy a field hospital for patients with COVID-19 in the region. On behalf of President Vladimir Putin, the government and the Ministry of Emergency Situations were to build a hospital, for which 969 million rubles were allocated, in the village of Belokamenka, Kola District, Murmansk Region. Gurovich was appointed curator of the project, and administrator— regional government. In May & June 2020, General Contractor-Transstroy LLC, whose actions, according to the investigation, should have been controlled by the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, built a hospital 30 km from its original location, near the village of Murmashi.

According to investigators, Gurovich knew that the facility was being built without concluding a state contract and documentation accepted by the customer, but provided Yevgeny Zinichev, who was then head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, with deliberately unreliable information about the readiness of the hospital to accept patients. The investigation believes that he did this, “wanting to embellish” the real state of affairs and knowing that the minister was to report on the implementation of the instructions to the government and the president on June 9 & 10.

At the same time, the facility could not be used to provide medical care, since acceptance certificates were not signed and the conclusion of the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor was not received.

Zinichev reported on the readiness of the facility, and in August his deputy organized payment for the work performed. Meanwhile, the act of their acceptance was signed only in November 2020 and no longer by Gurovich.

However, soon, on November 30, the government of the Murmansk region stopped the operation of the hospital. It came to the conclusion that the facility does not correspond to the climatic conditions of the region and design characteristics. Already in December, General Contractor-Transstroy dismantled the building worth 323.6 million rubles, which was the amount of damage in the case. The equipment purchased with the rest of the money was distributed to other hospitals. The hospital did not accept a single patient.

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On July 13, Gurovich was detained and then arrested for two months in a case of abuse of office. He was charged under item «c» Part 3 Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (abuse of official powers by a person holding a public position, with infliction of grave consequences). Under this article, one can face up to ten years in prison.

According to a Kommersant source, the defense of the former deputy minister decided to appeal both the arrest and the very decision to initiate a criminal case, which they consider illegal and unfounded.


According to lawyers, the investigation, when initiating the case, did not have full information about the actions of Gurovich, which could constitute a crime. According to this information, the deputy minister could not physically control the two-week construction of the facility, and also did not have all the necessary knowledge and authority for this. Shortly before the report to the minister, he, together with the head of the region, visited the facility and, making sure that it was standing, informed Zinichev about this. But later, figuring out the documents related to the construction, he himself found serious shortcomings, which he reported to the prosecutor's office, initiating its verification.

Representatives of the person involved also believe that Gurovich should not be responsible for the fact that the hospital subsequently did not accept patients and did not work, since such duties “were not assigned to him”, as well as “control over the timing of the execution of a state contract concluded between the capital construction department Murmansk region and “General Contractor-Transstroy” LLC. Thus, the defense believes, there is no causal relationship between Gurovich's message that the hospital is ready for use and the socially dangerous consequences indicated in the decision.

“Information about the accused committing any actions that clearly go beyond the limits of his powers, which entailed a significant violation of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens or organizations or the legally protected interests of society or the state, are simply not in the case, — said the representative of the defendant.

Gurovich was appointed deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in June 2018. He oversaw the financial and economic department, the department of property relations and the department of strategic planning and organizational work.

On May 25, Putin signed a decree on the resignation of the deputy minister. A RBC source said that FSB officers conducted an audit of law enforcement agencies in the block they supervise.

Before joining the ministry, Gurovich worked in various positions in the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Treasury.

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