Tagesspiegel saw the “split” of East and West Germany over the issue of Ukraine

Residents of West Germany are more supportive of helping Kyiv and supplying it with heavy weapons, Tagesspiegel found out

Polls in recent months about events in Ukraine have revealed a gap in views between residents of East and West Germany, which previously was almost non-existent on other issues, the Tagesspiegel newspaper reported, citing data from research firm Forsa.

According to the publication, on the issue of the conflict in Ukraine, the inhabitants of the east and west of Germany “come to completely different conclusions.” Thus, in the east of the country, 34% of respondents believe that the German government is doing too much to support Ukraine, while in the west, 18% share this opinion.

However, a larger gap between east and west is observed in the issue of supplies weapons, writes Tagesspiegel. In all polls since the beginning of May, from 54 to 61% of West Germans supported the supply of heavy weapons by Germany to Ukraine, while among citizens from the east of the country, an average of 32% support this decision.

In early July, Politico reported that Western leaders, despite being united in support for Kyiv, feared that their citizens might soon tire of events in Ukraine. In particular, the publication cited the words of Estonian Prime Minister Kaija Kallas, who said that fatigue from the conflict in Ukraine is manifested “everywhere”.

She recalled that the fighting had been going on for several months. “And we have high inflation, an energy crisis. The coronavirus hasn't gone anywhere,»,— she noted. At the same time, Kallas stressed that “we must not get tired, because we must help Ukraine defend its country.”

The West's fatigue from the consequences of sanctions against Russia was also seen in Ukraine itself. According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Kyiv is working with these countries to help them overcome this fatigue and is grateful for the sanctions that have already been introduced, but “more needs to be done.”

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The Russian authorities consider Western sanctions illegal. As for the supply of weapons to Ukraine, they will not prevent Russia from achieving the goals of the special operation and will only bring “more suffering” to Kyiv, the Kremlin said.

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