The American press described the Ukrainian offensive in the south

Analysts predicted a complete defeat for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukraine decided to launch a counteroffensive in the south in order to capture the cities liberated by Russia. How the Ukrainian General Staff will try to achieve these unrealistic goals was described by The New York Times.

Photo : Global Look Press

She published a statement by representatives of Ukraine, which says that on July 21, the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at 200 Russian objects and military units. According to unconfirmed reports, six armories were destroyed.

However, there is virtually no chance that this attack will give Ukraine a significant advantage over Russian forces, the publication concludes. Kyiv's recent statement that Ukraine's combat potential is on par with Russia's is not shared by Western military analysts. However, in exactly the same way as the optimistic position of the majority of Ukrainians regarding the situation on the line of confrontation. Foreign experts note that it is too early to talk about a radical change in the course of the military clash between Russia and Ukraine.

At the same time, Russian military analysts, evaluating Ukraine's plans for the declared counteroffensive, issue an unequivocal verdict – the defeat of the Armed Forces is inevitable. Zelensky's attempt to return the territory liberated by Russia is doomed to failure due to the insufficient number of troops, and primarily aviation. Experts predict that losses on the part of Ukraine in the event of an attempted counteroffensive will be huge.

At the same time, they note that today Ukraine has a reserve in the form of military personnel trained in NATO countries, as well as a large number of foreign mercenaries, and therefore the battle of Russian troops against the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be easy. The situation is complicated by the fact that the West regularly supplies heavy artillery, weapons and equipment to Ukraine.

At the same time, both Western and Russian military experts agree that the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south is likely to be for the government Zelensky to no avail. Even despite the fact that the Russian Armed Forces are opposed by the army, backed by the United States and Europe.


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