What is the scandal with the swindlers who worked under the “casting” of “The Bachelor”?

Moscow police detained a group of swindlers who recruited girls allegedly to participate in the popular show “The Bachelor” on TNT to take them out of the capital. 

How did the scammers work?

Scammers through social networks announced a casting for the new season of “The Bachelor”, and also handed out to beautiful girls on the Arbat leaflets about the recruitment of participants.

Where did you want to take the girls?

"Participants" collected on July 14 at the metro station «Medvedkovo» and said that now they would go to one of the suburban houses near Moscow, owned by the “bachelor”. There, the girls are waiting for a special private party. Naturally, the attackers did not provide the address or the name of the protagonist. The girls were offered a transfer to the venue in a private car.

How did you manage to expose the scammers?

The fake advertisement was seen by the employees of the TV channel, and it was they who informed the police that the announced casting had nothing to do with the show. Law enforcement agencies went to the gathering place of the “participants” and did not allow the swindlers to take the girls away in an unknown direction. 

According to the press service of TNT, “unscrupulous persons were reported to the police.” Who and for what purpose organized the false casting , it is being clarified now.

The security service of the TV channel stressed that news about projects can only be found through the official website and social media accounts. In addition, all castings for the show are free and take place “without violating the personal rights and boundaries of people.”

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