Ankara announced the departure of four more dry cargo ships from Ukrainian ports

On August 7, four more dry cargo ships with grain will leave Ukrainian ports. This was announced by the Turkish Ministry of Defense on its Twitter page (the social network was blocked at the request of the prosecutor's office).

“Tomorrow one ship with Ukrainian grain will leave Odessa, three more bulk carriers will leave the port of Chernomorsk”,— The report says.

Russia signed an agreement on the export of grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea with Turkey under the testimony of UN Secretary General António Guterres on July 22 in Istanbul. Ukraine signed a similar part of the agreement separately from Russia.

In accordance with the document, the parties undertook to create a safe corridor across the Black Sea, along which ships with grain should be escorted by Ukrainian pilots. The military will not accompany the deliveries. Representatives of Ukraine, Turkey and the UN will act as observers and will monitor the loading. Vessels will be inspected so that they do not carry weapons.

In early August, dry cargo ships Navistar, Rojen and Polarnet left Ukrainian ports and went to Istanbul. According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, Navistar left Odessa under the flag of Panama and transports 33,000 tons of corn. Rojen went from Chernomorsk to the UK. There are 13 thousand tons of corn on board. The cargo ship Polarnet also left Chernomorsk. The ship is sailing under the Turkish flag. There are 12 thousand tons of corn on board. The ultimate goal of delivery— port of Karasu.

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